Straciatella Quark, Beer Rolls & Cashew Nuts

Monday, March 27, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

We were a little late getting out of bed today due to the fact the time was pushed an hour forward over the weekend. Surprisingly things went quite easily without the usual hectic in the morning. Must be due to the weather. The temperature is rising and we can slowly feel that Spring is on it's way!

Morning Snack: What better way to celebrate warmer temperatures then a nice cool Straciatella quark. Dolce Vita pure! With that he got a nice little "bier brötchen". Literally translated it means beer roll, but before all of you raise your eye brows, no there isn't any beer in it! Instead plenty of really great and healthy stuff, like flax seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds. I asked the baker why they were called that he said because he adds malt to the dough, which gives it this dark color. These "bier" rolls were spread with cream cheese and I added a slice of calcium fortified mortadella. I boiled an egg and cut up a few carrot batons. To be honest, Soeri actually only took half of that egg. When I had taken that picture I left the snack boxes open so that the egg had some time to cool. I went upstairs to get Soeri's rain coat and as I came down he was sitting at the breakfast table eating half of that egg!

Afternoon Snack Sometimes at breakfast I have Swedish crispbread (Knäckebrot) with margarin and honey on it. Last week Soeri seemed to have developed a taste for it so I decided to make him a crispbread honey sandwich. With this I added some fantastic cashew nuts (sent all the way from Dubai) and seedless organic blue grapes.

Adult Variation: Today's variation would be more on the filling. If you can find a nice dark bread roll with so many seeds then please make sure you get a few. Fill it with mortadella if you like, but you can also use a nice ham or some hungarian salami. Instead of the hard boiled you could make a small portion of scrambled egg. Make sure you add a few herbs to the eggs then. I know quark is not easy to find in all parts of the world so simply replace this with natural yoghurt and add a few chocolate chunks to it. It's your own Dolce Vita!
Crispbread is not only healthy but a great alternative to normal bread. So if you get your hands on this then please do try it with honey. If not, you could try a rice cracker spread with honey. It is also very light and with the honey tastes pretty good. Cashew nuts are a great source of very important minerals and vitamins, not to mention they make great "nerve" food. Always great in the office to nibble on in between meetings ;-)! Today's fruit - grapes. Sweet, juicy and refreshing.


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