Buttermilk Scones and Frozen Berries

Friday, March 31, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

It was an unusual morning today, as we decided to skip breakfast at home and sleep in a few more minutes. Soeri came over to our bed, snuggled up to us and fell asleep again. So, when we did all get up again it was a little later than usual.

Morning Snack: I decided to make buttermilk scones. I had de-frosted the dough yesterday evening and just had to put it in the oven for a few. Unfortunately it was a few to many, and it turned out a little darker than usual .... ooops! Actually I was distracted with Soeren lecturing me on how he did not want the sprinkle stuff on top of his mousse or yoghurt but on the side instead. On these lovely dark scones (they were fantastic and soft on the inside and did not turn hard on the outside like I thought they would) I spread some margarine and some cranberry jam. In the diary section he got that lovely Italian Straciatella quark. To nibble on I added a few cashew nuts, raisins and an all fruit organic bar.

Afternoon Snack: These fantastic CCWA Muffins were a real hit. Soeren wanted one again today. This time I cut the muffin in half and spread the frosting inside. Some Apple mousse and, as requested by Sir Soeren, the frozen berries on the side, finishes the snack box.

Adult Variation: Scones are really great. You can just about spread anything on them. If you are not the sweet tooth kind of person try out a nice slice of camembert cheese and a few tomato slices. I also encourage you to give the muffins a try. You will never want to bake any other type! If you do not want the apple mouse just put the frozen berries in a blender and add a bit of apple juice. This is a great refreshing drink to take with you.


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