Meatballs & Cranberry, Mandarin Loaf

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Meatballs are always enjoyed by kids of all ages (even the older ones). I make these on a regular basis. These are made with mince chicken, plenty of herbs, egg and a bit of grated carrot. They can be used in a number of ways, so I always make plenty and freeze the leftovers. I use them in pasta sauce, with salads, in sandwiches or just plain.

Morning Snack: That's the way Soeri likes them. With that, a slice of wholemeal bread from our organic bakery and (what else) cream cheese. I also added a few sunflower seeds on the cheese for the crunch. The carrot slices give also an extra bit of crunch. I found some cereal squares filled with milk cream in the store the other day so I bought a packet and decided to add these to some vanilla yoghurt. A nice and very crunchy morning snack!

Afternoon snack: Soeri & me baked this great Cranberry & Mandarin loaf yesterday afternoon. It is crammed with sweet dried cranberries and juicy mandarines and is not too sweet. I could actually see Soeri's mouth watering when I cut this huge piece for the snack box. With this I cut up some refreshing orange.

Adult Variation
I had a few comments about my blog and a few mentioned that they pack their boxes for work. Which got me thinking about adding an adult variation to the daily tiffins.
Well for this a nice variation would be to make the meatballs a little bigger more in the form of small patties. Instead of just plain carrots you could make a carrot salad. Grate the carrots and add a little onion, some olive oil and a bit of your favorite dressing - italian is always great. A sprinkle of herbs and a nice handful of sunflower seeds adds a little more flavour.
Instead of the cereal milk squares in the yoghurt you could add a little fruit e.g. fresh strawberries or other frozen berries.


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