Club Sandwich Deluxe and Waffles

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Club Sandwiches are probably the most well known sandwiches. I have tried so many different variations from all over the world. Well I thought I would try making my own Club Sandwich.

Morning Snack: Egg salad, cooked ham, cheese and tomatoes makes up my sandwich. The sandwiches are coated in a mixture of egg and milk and quickly fried. I made a batch last night and Soeri wanted to take one today, which was easy as I had some of the ingredients leftover. An organic "Alnatura" (they make a lot of organic food stuff here in Germany) almond bar goes into the box as a treat. I used up the last of the pineapple and passion fruit quark and added a few vanilla cereal squares to sprinkle on top.

Afternoon Snack: Nothing like scrumptious waffles and when they are accompanied with fresh strawberries and maple syrup they would make anyone's day. Soeri was so excited about this that he wanted me to put these in the red snack box (that's the one for the morning snack) I told him he could eat the blue on e first if he preferred. He thought about it and said "No, I'll eat that in the afternoon, then I have something to look forward to the whole day!" Cute!

Adult Variation: This is perfect the way it is. Just make sure you add a double portion of the sandwich. I had made a light green salad with this last night which is great and refreshing. If you opt to take a salad with you, use a light salad dressing, like a vinaigrette as the sandwiches are very filling. Pack the dressing portion separately. The rest of it does not need to be changed. I hope you enjoy it!


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