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Monday, March 20, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Today I am trying something new in Soeren's snack box: the Pumpernickel. After I took the picture I realized that everything was nice and circular shaped!

Morning Snack: The pumpernickel is spread with butter and Leberwurst, Soeren's favorite spread. I added a few cherry tomatoes and cucumber slices for the refreshing taste. The Babybel cheese for extra calcium and the nice juicy yellow kiwi.

Afternoon Snack: See that delicious rich chocolate muffin there? Well I decided to bake these yesterday (without Soeren) as a little surprise. These tasted so great but must be taken with a tall glass of milk as they really are extremely rich in consistency. I'll be posting the recipe on What's For Lunch Honey? soon. I added some of his favorite pineapple and passion fruit quark and a few blue seedless organic grapes.

Adult Variation:
Pumpernickel is hard to find in some parts of the world, especially the US. You could order it from an online German store as it really tastes great with all sorts of toppings. You could use some nice strong cheddar cheese if you are not a big leberwurst fan or even just tomatoes and cucumbers on a bit of butter tastes great. If you can't find any yellow kiwi, use the green variety. They really are a vitamin kick for the day! As I mentioned above - a tall glass of milk should be taken with the muffin. You could even have a nice cool yoghurt frappe!
Whatever you do decide enjoy every bite!


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