Broccoli, Fleischkäse and Marble Cake

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Fleischkaese or Leberkaese is a German speciality, especially in Bavaria. It is often eaten with sweet mustard and a roll. Another great way to serve this is with a fried egg and some fried potatoes. I usually buy the fleischkaese made with turkey.

Morning Snack: I find turkey meat a little healthier (don't ask me why ... I just imagine it to be) and the type I buy is fortified with calcium and has no added conservatives. I bought some of our favorite bread "Bernd" and added a nice helping of cream cheese and a thick slice of the fleischkaese. I quickly steamed the broccoli sprouts for 2 minutes in the steamer and then let them cool under cold water. This keeps them nice and green and stops them cooking further. A generous helping of blackberry yoghurt with a few vanilla breakfast squares to sprinkle on top wraps up the snack box.

Afternoon Snack: No, we did not bake again yesterday! This marble cake is a speciality at our bakery. The baker never tells me exactly what he puts into this cake but it is sooooo soft and fluffy. I did bribe him once with some baklava I had brought back from Dubai which prompted him only to tell me this much ... he adds yoghurt to it to make it so smooth. Anyway, Soeri's eyes always light up when I ask for the cake. As there was actually one left over on the shelf I decided to buy it. To this I included a few crunchy organic apples.

Adult Variation: As I mentioned above the fleischkaese is typical German and you just might get this in some good sorted stores. If not use some pastrami and a nice helping of dijon mustard. Add a few slices of red onion and a couple of pickled gurkens and voila! You have a delicious lunch. Instead of plain broccoli you can take this in two ways. If you have a microwave in the office then simply add a generous helping of grated cheddar cheese, a few almond flakes, salt and pepper. At lunch time just "nuke" it until the cheese has melted over the broccoli.
If you do not have the luxury of a microwave then just roast the almond flakes and take a small helping of some blue cheese salad dressing in a separate container. This tastes fantastic. You all by now know I am a yoghurt fan, so if you too enjoy yoghurt then take a nice helping of your favorite type. Now that the weather is getting warmer outside you could even put the yoghurt in the freezer the night before. By lunch the next day it should be nicely chilled and just right.
A slice of you favorite type of cake and a large cappuccino to go is a great way to take a little break in the afternoon. Hope you find a few minutes to sit outside in the park and enjoy the weather while eating this.


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