Green Fritattas

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

What's the difference between a fritatta and an omelet? Well, the Fritatta is Italian ;-) and by now you all know we here love everything Italian.

Morning Snack: On a wholewheat sunflower seed toastie I added a great fluffy fritatta with herbs galore! I toasted the toasties in a toaster (nice tongue twister) and spread a bit of margarine on it. I asked Soeren if he wanted cheese in the fritatta but he said he wanted just the "green fritatta". Which is his way to describe my fritattas with either the herbs or spinach. To this I put 3 little meatballs as they really do taste great with the fritatta. A bit of vanilla yoghurt and some spelt, oat crunchies with dried forest berries topped off the morning lunch box.

Afternoon snack: Nothing like a nice juicy crunchy apple. We bought a few great apples yesterday and Soeri loved these and wanted "plain apples" (without and other fruit addition) in the snack box. A little yummy treat of a delish French chocolate bun always makes him smile, and for that million dollar smile I'd just about do anything. We also bought spelt pretzels yesterday and after munching off almost the whole bag he left a few for the snack box today.

Adult variation: Try the fritatta with some hot and spicy salami. It tastes great and adds a bit of pizazz to the meal. Instead of the toastie you could use a nice brown baguette. Lay a few lettuce leaves and a few slices of tomatoes and you have a filling lunch. The rest of the snack boxes I would just leave the way it is. The pretzels are just great for snacking on when you have a full schedule in front of the computer ;-)


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