Double Team!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Today was another hectic day and things had to go fast this morning. Tom and me combined forces and produced today's snack boxes as a "Double Team". Tom helped me make the morning snack and I worked on the afternoon snack.

Morning Snack: Tom chose turkey mortadella fortified with extra calcium. He added this to a fresh plain rye bread, spread with some cream cheese. Soeri, got a chunk of cheese and a few cherry tomatoes on the side. On the weekend I had made some Sweet & Sour Fish and had some of the canned pineapple in natural juice left over so he added a touch of the juice to some natural organic yoghurt and cut some pineapples into the yoghurt.

Afternoon Snack: I went for a nice bagel, spread this with some margarine and added sweet beet syrup to it. I am trying to get Soeren to try out different dried fruits so that he can snack on them between the meals or as a treat. Today I put a dried apricot, date and an apple slice. For the fresh fruit I opted for a few orange slices.

Adult Variation:
I think mortadella is something even grown-ups enjoy so here I would not really change anything, except maybe you could add a lettuce leaf and slice the tomatoes add them into the sandwich. If you also prefer you can add another layer to the sandwich (making it what I call a "double decker") and add the sliced cheese to this layer. Fruit and yoghurt is always a great combination so I would leave this the way it is too.
Sweet beet syrup does not suit everyone's tastes buds so the alternative here would be honey. Otherwise the snack box is pretty tasty the way it is.
Hope you enjoy!


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