Pears & Strawberries

Monday, March 06, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Monday again and it's snack box time! Soeri helped me prepare the snack boxes today.

Morning Snack: He wanted just plain rye bread, on which he spread his all beloved cream cheese and added a few slices of chicken breast with herbs. Unfortunately, I was unable to sneak in a leafy salad leaf but he went for some yellow bell peppers instead. He then helped me pureè some fresh strawberries and mix it with some apple mousse. For the crunch in the fruit mousse we decided on almonds and a few rasins.

Afternoon Snack: We bought some ripe and juicy pears over the weekend and I figured that by today he'd have enough of pears, but he really liked them and wanted a couple of slices for his afternoon snack box. To conclude we added a nice soft milk bread with some chocolate drops.


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