For the sweet toothed!

Friday, June 30, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

First let me get this out of the way: We are gonna cream the Argies in today's game!

Anyone who thinks I have lost it ... I am referring to the quarter finals in the soccer game today. Germany faces Argentina and we all are crossing our fingers that the Argies will be boarding that plane back home tonight!

At yesterday's birthday party Soeren and his buddies Jeremy and Justine were playing soccer as if they were supposed to win the World Cup. It was sooooo amazingly cute to watch these three little cuties run around with the ball screaming and shouting.

By the way just a word of warning to any girls out there: these three boys are gonna break a few hearts when they get older. Watching them yesterday we mummies were talking about how the little girls were so enamored by them already. Jeremy with his gorgeous green eyes, Justine with his blonde hair and blue eyes and Soeren with his cheeky grin and big brown eyes. Oh boy! I'll have to get a pic of these three together for you to show you what I mean!

Today's is for the sweet toothed! The jam I made here fills the rye toastie. On the right another type of Wasa crispbread spread with butter and honey. A juicy and sweet peach. And for Jessica and Liz here is another variety of the Kinder selection - Penguin. Oh and in the back there that is the most amazing cracker. made from organic stuff, it has cheesem pumpkin seeds, sesame seed, flax seeds and other great stuff in and on it.
And since we are all in soccer madness here a Soccer Babybel cheese chunk.

Adult Variation:
I have something gorgeous for your lunchbox today. Check this out and tell me you want me to suggest something else! Enjoy!


mmm friday's lunch looked great! hope little one enjoyed the kinder treat!!


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