New start - Active start

Monday, June 26, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Phew! What a hectic and eventful week the last week was. On Thursday, after Soeri's surgery both Tom and I were so mentally exhausted that we were unable to communicate with each other. We just kind of nodded or shook our heads or even grunted at each other. Friday, was also a little exhausting running back and forth to the doctors for the check-up et. Soeri, however was top fit. Nothing seems to really knock him over - touch wood! On Saturday he was so fit that he wanted to go to his pals birthday party and then to the KIGA summer festival. Of course all were really happy to see him so fit ... one mum actually asked "Did he really have the surgery on Thursday?" At the festival the kids could ride horses and a little pony. As me and Tom headed for the queue at the pony, Soeren looked at us and said "I am not a baby mum, I think I can ride the horse!"

As he sat on that horse, the jockey helmet larger than his little head, he looked so proud. I cursed myself for having forgot my camera.

Anyway, I am glad this is a new week, with a new start!

Once again thanks to all who were so kind to think of him. I did tell him that there were so many out there rooting for him.

We picked strawberries from a strawberry field again and this is part of the bounty. The Finnish bread is spread with some yummy egg salad and added vitamins are given with the yellow kiwi. Today's treat a chocolate chip mini cake.

Adult Variation: Egg salad is great. Use sour cream and cream cheese instead of the mayo. It is lighter and tastes better. Add a lot of nice fresh herbs and few chopped onions. A refreshing yogurt would go well with the fresh cut strawberries on top. Or if you prefer make a milkshake out the yoghurt and fruit.
I hope you enjoy your lunch and of course have a great start to your week.


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