Apricots and Schnitzel!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

The weather is just gorgeous here and we're having a grand time just relaxing and hanging out in our hammock or strolling through our local fruit and vegie market. There is so much variety and the colors are splendid.

That is also why the lunch box is packed with a variety of fruit, which are fresh, ripe and juicy.

Today, I cut up a Schnitzel in smaller slices. What is a Schnitzel? Well I will be telling the Schnitzel story on What's for lunch, Honey? and how I made it sometime next week so check back then! I know there are some clever ones out there, so for those who know you are always welcome to comment on this, however the story (and the schnitzel) has a little twist to it!

Anyway with this Soeri wanted his all time favorite rye bread with cream cheese. Notice that his sandwiches do not have crusts ... why is it that kids have a thing about crusts?

Now, enter the lovely fruit - juicy organic grapes and wonderfully sweet apricots that make your mouth water. The milk crescent is spread with butter and some lavender honey we bought at the market. The treat today: some great raisins!

Adult Variation:
The schnitzel is great cold and you use this to fill any roll or bread. OK I am being unfair because some of you might not know what a schnitzel is. As soon as I have posted the recipe you will ;-) Take a light salad and your favorite dressing and trust me you will have a great European type lunch. Don't forget to take an assortment of fruit. Whatever you do, just make sure you take it easy on your lunch break. Hope you enjoy it!


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