A Quickie

Monday, July 03, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Today's lunch box was a real quickie! Even the picture is a bit shaken.
We were a bit late as we all were a bit tired from yesterday. Tom played soccer the whole afternoon yesterday (like I keep saying the fever is getting hotter here!) then we had a few friends from the team over for a barbecue. Soeren of course went to bed a little later than usual and we as well ;-)!

So it was a few leftover mini grill sausages that he liked so much and a wonderful carrot nut bread spread with cream cheese for the lunchbox. A few refreshing cucumbers and a container full of lovely grapes. I know you all want to know what is in that container at the back. A wonderful dessert I made yesterday with a lot of dark rich chocolate. The recipe will be posted here sometime later this week, so check back then.

BTW: If you are interested in reading about a little trip we made to the strawberry field a couple of weeks ago you may do so here. A few nice photos of luscious strawberries will make your mouth water too!

Adult Variation: The idea with the grill sausage is great. If you have a nice big spicy one you can take that along with you. A pasta salad is great with it and if you need a recipe for one you'll find a nice one here. I know you want that chocolatey dessert too ... soon folks! Hope you have a nice start to your week!


You know Meeta,your daily tiffin blog is such an inspiration for me!I love to see what all that lovely stuff you have packed,it looks so nutritious and yummy,you certainly are a very sweet and caring mum:)Hats off to you!

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