Foccacia and Kohlrabi

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Yesterday evening we decided to change the location of our dinner! At around 6 PM Tom came home and we got on our mountain bikes and headed off to one of our favorite spots, the Belvedere Castle. I had packed a quick supper, with some delicious foccacia, italian salami and ham, olives, kohlrabi, carrots and cherry tomatoes, herb flavored cream cheese to dip and some lovely local cherries.

What you see in today's lunchbox is very similar to our little picnic. I managed to save a piece of that lovely foccacia and spread it with the herby cream cheese and added some Italian salami from Milan. The kohlrabi and carrots are organic and you can really taste the difference. The small container contains more of the herb flavored cream cheese to dip. At the farmer's market Soeren was delighted to see these local dark cherries. They are as juicy as they look and he picked a bagful for home and a tummy full for himself. That mini cake is from our baker, who is rather pleased I am doing a review about his bread!

Adult Variation:
Nothing is being changed today. I think if I did I would only disappoint you all, right?
Just enjoy that lunch break to the fullest.


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