7/11 - A Sad Day for Indians

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

My thoughts go out to all my fellow Indians. This is a sad time for India and many Indians around the world.

The blasts that rocked Bombay yesterday were senseless and inhuman.

My deepest and most humble condolences to those affected by this attack.

At Mumbai Help you can get information and assistance for those who require more information and for those who are close enough to give a helping hand.


thats very thoughtful of you mahek
it feels good when indians abroad think of our motherland.

Mahek said...
July 12, 2006 at 4:51:00 PM GMT+2  

i said mahek instead of meeta
i was just thinking of yesterday while writing this comment and so didnt realise the mistake.

Mahek said...
July 12, 2006 at 4:58:00 PM GMT+2  

a sad day indeed.

starry said...
July 12, 2006 at 10:51:00 PM GMT+2  

i am not indian, but i agree wholeheartedly with mahek's sentiment. you are a wonderful and thoughtful person.


Anonymous said...
July 13, 2006 at 12:19:00 AM GMT+2  

Folks, thanks for your comments and support.

Meeta K. Wolff said...
July 13, 2006 at 8:47:00 AM GMT+2  

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