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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Looks like that "day off" was a one off thing and Soeri is going back to KIGA with the usual verve!

Yesterday, I picked him up from KIGA. I was armed with my camera and wanted to take a few pictures of Weimar and the farmer's market. Those interested can find some of them here (I'll be uploading a few more later today). Anyway, I am always amazed at how he picks up and learns things that I sometimes think he could not have gotten all that. Last week I bought a new tripod for my camera and Soeri came along to the little photo shop. I was talking to the salesman about what I wanted. I had a perfect perception of what I wanted. Soeren was quiet and listened to everything I was saying. Anyway, when the guy went off he asked me what a tripod was. I am the type who explains in great detail as Tom keeps telling me that a 4 year old can't possibly digest everything I explain. The salesman was rather amazed that Soeren actually listened with great interest. To get back to the point - when I was taking pictures yesterday I did not take my tripod with me. Soeren of course as clever as he is says:

"Mum, you know I really like the motives you have chosen but don't you think bringing the tripod would make the quality of the pictures a little more sharper."

It was said so professionally that it knocked my socks off and made me smirk.

With the berries I bought at the farmer's market yesterday I made a delicious dessert. With some real homemade vanilla yoghurt (not the yoghurt - but the flavoring) which I will be posting on my food blog sometime later. The roll is a dark so called "beer roll" but only had malt in it - no beer! It also has wonderful sesame seeds, poppy seeds and flax seeds. It is spread with flavored herb cream cheese. Two meatballs and the last of my soccer Babybel cheese chunks. A container full of carrots and bell peppers top the box off. Treat today - two Oreo chocolate cookies.

Adult Variation: I am really enjoying reading your ideas on how you would change Soeri's lunchbox to fit into an adults diet. So keep 'em coming!


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