Teenage memories - Cottage Cheese Honey Pitta

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Do you know that feeling when you bite into something and the taste throws you back years to some memory of your younger years? You can picture every detail of that memory. If the memory was a good one, your lips turn up into a slight smirk and your eyes get a light sheen to it. Well that's what happened to me as I prepared Soeri's snack box today.

Morning Snack: The cottage cheese pitta spread with honey was something I used to fix myself as breakfast on the way to school back when I was about 15/16. We were in Doha, Qatar at the time and I was going to the Doha College. I'd quickly make myself this little sandwich, grab myself a chocolate milk and run downstairs to wait for my best friend Shima. She too would come with some kind of breakfast in her hand and together we would sit on the wall of our compound, munching away and waiting for our parents to take us to school. Once in the car we would hit the car stereo and sing to Madonna, Duran Duran and A-Ha all the way to school (thanks parents for putting up with that!).
I had a huge smile on my face this morning as I fixed this for Soeri. I think he too will like the combination. As I mentioned yesterday, I have fruit en masse at the moment. So, he also got a few juicy chunks of watermelon along with it.

Afternoon Snack: A lovely fresh pancake filled with cranberry jam is something that is not only quick to fix but tastes great. I added a little Easter treat and the fruit container has a yellow plum and a few dried cranberries.

Adult Variation: Go ahead and try out my cottage cheese honey pitta combination. The smooth cheese combined with the sweetness of the honey in the bread is something you will remember for a while too. If you are not the sweet tooth type of person then keep the cottage cheese in the pitta and add a few pieces of chicken breast. Add a nice mustard, a few herbs and a fresh lettuce leaf. I am sure this will fill you up. The watermelon is light and refreshing after such a filling sandwich.
If you do not want to make the cranberry jam pancakes then get yourself a cranberry/blueberry muffin. I would definitely recommend the pancake though. It tastes great with a frothy cappuccino.


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