Piroshki & Rasin Slice

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

I know what you are thinking, "where is the normal lunch box picture we always see here?" Am I right?

To tell you the truth I thought something similar when I checked my HandyCam a few minutes ago. I took the picture and when Soeri and Tom left came up here to transfer it on the notebook. Well it seems the picture has disappeared somewhere into the nirvana of my HandyCam!

Folks, my frustration has no ends at the moment. Ever since my camera got stolen in London I seem to be facing large walls that I need to break through first.

Today, I will tell you what was in the lunch box and you will have to use your imagination for the picture part.

Morning Snack: I made these Piroshki extra for Soeri's lunch box yesterday. They are great with any kind of filling, I chose a mushroom potato filling. With this I put a few cherry tomatoes that are juicy and sweet. I bought some fresh strawberries and cut these and added just a sprinkle of grape sugar. The reason I add grape sugar is simply because it gives a extra energy kick for Soeri for the day. Especially when he has a eventful day like today. Music, sport and a spring walk in the park.

Afternoon Snack: A slice of a raisin toast, spread with butter and a bit of honey is just the right kind of snack for the afternoon. Soeren loves this and with this I added a container full on vanilla LC1 yoghurt. On the side a few cereal squares to add to the yoghurt.

Adult Variation: I find the snack boxes today pretty good even for us adults. The Piroshki can be stuffed with your favorite filling, if you do not like the mushroom filling. The tomatoes add a bit of freshness. You can also simply make a tomato salad, by sprinkling cut cherry tomatoes with some extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Add a nice handful of chopped basel. The strawberries are currently the best spring fruit and you can enjoy the luxurious taste with a few mint leaves added to this.
A slice of a raisin loaf or a raisin bun with the butter and honey really is a great way to enjoy the afternoon snack. With a cup of steaming herbal tea it makes it perfect.
Hope you enjoy it!


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