Meatball Sandwich

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

I think kids love meatballs in every form and in every dish. When I make meatballs I make a truckload and freeze them. This way I can use them in all the forms Soeri likes them.

Morning Snack: Today I tried something new. I decided to make a meatball sandwich. I spread some cream cheese on a bread roll cut a few meatballs in half and placed them on top of a slice of cheese. A little shot of ketchup holds everything in place. Crunchy carrot batons go well with these. The organic grapes in the fruit department are juicy and sweet.

Afternoon Snack: Soeren loves raisin buns, spread with a little butter and honey is something that he devours anytime of the day. A few cashew nuts give the snack the crunchiness and lovely watermelon a nice refreshment.

Adult Variation: Meatball Sandwich for us adults should be a little different. Try this out: Sliced red onion, a few jalepeno pepppers and hot salsa sauce. Yum! A few baked potato wedges and lunch is ready to go. Don't forget those grapes!
Try out the raisin bun the way Soeri likes them and get yourself a nice hot chocolat to go with it. Ever heard of watermelon sprinkled with a bit of black pepper on top? No? Try it ... it's an amazing tingle of tastes! Let me know what you think.


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