Raspberry Kisses

Friday, April 28, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Well amazingly we have reached another Friday. Phew! I actually realized yesterday evening that our trip to the US is coming up soon - 2 weeks to go! Soeren and I will be off for a 3 week trip to visit family in St. Louis, San Francisco and Michigan!

Golly I have not been to the US since 2000, so you can really imagine how excited I am. A bit nervous as to how Soeri will adapt to the long flight and the massive difference in time zones. We have flown to Dubai several times and each time he took the 6 hour flight with a stride and the time difference is only 2 hours so that was not much of a problem either. That is nothing really to 10 hours in a cramped plane and 7-9 hours time difference!

If anyone has managed the odyssey with an active 3/4 year old I would not mind advice and a few ideas of what one can do to keep em busy. After all it isn't as if he can run wild in that plane.

The good thing is my parents will be flying into Frankfurt from Dubai and we'll fly on together, so that is a huge advantage. We can all take turns in keeping him busy.

Morning Snack: Another fantastic bread from the bakery - a beautiful pumpkin seed rye bread. Amazingly soft and tasty. Soeren helped me today again and he picked plain ham. I had to do a bit of convincing to be allowed to add the lamb's lettuce and he agreed to it without the fuss from yesterday.

Oh yeah! those banana nutella waffles from yesterday? Well what do you know? They were all gone and yes he even admitted to it that they were good!

So, back to today, he packed a Babybel chunk of cheese and wanted a few tomatoes with that. Once again I cajoled him into taking a few green asparagus tips, but I doubt he will eat them. May is coming in big strides and it is a month of almost all my fave fruits and vegies. Besides, strawberries, asparagus, mangoes are available everywhere. Ripe and juicy and we cut up a few chunks for the fruit container.

Afternoon Snack: Raspberry Kisses for my sweetheart. I wanted these to be a little surprise for him so I had made these yesterday and hidden them away. He was thrown back when I showed him the container. I told him I call them raspberry kisses because they were small and sweet. He popped one in his mouth and said "Now, you get a Soeri kiss - the are big and sweeter!" Makes everything worth it doesn't it? With that I gave him his favorite vanilla chocolate custard. He's a happy camper today!

Adult Variation: Do you like the lunch boxes today? Good so do I! So let's keep it the way it is. Just larger portions if you like. Oh and if you do make these raspberry kisses, try also these too as they would make a good snack for the lunch box too!


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