Bagels & Waffles

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Phew! After the hectic, but good b-day celebration yesterday (it was only the 3 of us!), it's back to the lunch box. Yesterday's birthday menu was received well by my jury. I had made up a delicious Tart Ratatouille with warm goat's cheese and scrumptious Mousse au Chocolat. As a matter of fact I was hoping to use a piece of the tart in Soeri's lunch box today, but there was nothing left over (only one portion of the mousse but sssshhhhhh!).

Morning Snack: I decided to go for bagels this morning. Lightly toasted a sesame bagel and spread a thick layer of cream cheese. Added a slice of juicy turkey breast and snuck in a lettuce leaf (I expect it to be picked out and brought back home - with a comment or two from Sir Soeren!). A few italian cherry tomatoes I got at the organic market keeps it all nice and succulent. Refreshing organic plain yoghurt with a helping of fresh strawberries is what we had for breakfast today and Soeren wanted to take more to the KIGA. I added a little sprinkle of grape sugar which tastes great, plus keeps the energy flowing for those wild play days at the KIGA.

Afternoon Snack: Nutella Waffle sandwich! Soeren did not see me making this so I expect him to have a smile on his face when he opens the snack box this afternoon. On the fruit side we have two juicy yellow plums.

Adult Variation: Bagels can be filled in a variety of ways, so go for what you like best. Pastrami, roast beef or salami. A few lettuce leaves, tomatoes and cucumbers adds the necessary vitamins (that we as adults also forget about ;-)). I hope you like the yoghurt with fresh strawberry combination because it is fantastically refreshing and a great low-fat dessert.
So, now you can throw that low-fat outta the window and add up the cals. I think we deserve to sin. So, go ahead and make yourself that nutella waffle sandwich too. If you really can't get your conscious to do it, then I suggest a fruit mousse to accompany the waffles. If you find yellow plums then please do buy them and try them out. They really taste succulent.


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