Piroshki Filling Sandwich & A Donut

Friday, April 21, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Awful quality of the photo, I know. But the update on the new camera is ... I have finally found something that I like and after talking to many people and after one person in particular (Jörg this one's for you) helped me out immensely and after Tom's subtle help (I do love you baby), I hope to have my new one in the next few days :-))))! Until then I really, really hope that you bear with the quality of these photos. A HandyCam is just not meant to take pictures.

Now to the lunch boxes!

Morning Snack: Since I had a little bit of the filling leftover from the Piroshki I made, I decided to use that as a sandwich filling. I added a bit of herb cream cheese and mixed it together. Spread some margarin on rye toast and added the filling. A bit of lettuce was also snuck into the sandwich. Looked so scrummy that I ate the other half! Cocktail tomatoes on the side and a few green grapes. Soeren loves these "Fruity" bars. This one is with strawberries and lime.

Afternoon Snack: At the bakery yesterday, Soeren saw this donut. With a funny figure on it, it attracted him like a magnet. I was not too keen on the donut, but I admit, I gave in to those huge bambi eyes pleading with me. I told him he should share it with his buddies at the KIGA, so maybe he will not eat the whole thing himself. Soeren will share it, that I know. There's something very generous about him, when someone requests something from him, he almost always gives it up with a huge smiling face. To balance the donut I packed half a banana. Wonder what will come back?

Adult Variation: Keep the sandwich the way it is. Together with the cream cheese it tasted fantastic. Of course you take the whole sandwich ;-). If you prefer you can slice the tomatoes and also add them to the sandwich. Instead of the "Fruity" bar you can take any other type of granola bar or even a few ginger snaps. The grapes are also fine. Now, I am not sure if you are the donut type of person, if you aren't then I would suggest making yourself another great treat. Add a bit of natural yoghurt to the bottom of the container, sprinkle with a few chopped roasted almonds. Spoon a bit of apple mousse over the top. Another layer of yoghurt and to top it all off slice the banana and place over the yoghurt. Over this sprinkle some more roasted almonds. Let it cool overnight. Voila!


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