Scones & Tuna

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

I think yesterday I out did myself in the kitchen. After making some delicious Tuna Tacos, Soeren and me spent the afternoon making some gorgeous chocolate scones (Recipe here). The whole house had this fantastic fragrance of baking. When Tom came home the first thing he asked "Smells good, what's for dinner, honey?"

Morning Snack: I reserved some of the filling from the Tuna Tacos for today. Then I spread some herb cream cheese on a lightly toasted Finnish bread and filled it with the tuna filling. I know he will be picking the kidney beans out because yesterday evening he decided he did not like kidney beans! The fruit container is crammed with sweet organic grapes.

Afternoon Snack: The scones turned out so luscious that we really had to stop ourselves from eating them all yesterday. Therefore Soeri wanted two today. I know he will manage to eat both these. Hopefully he'll have room for the yummy peach yoghurt too!

Adult Variation: The lunch box is just great the way it is today folks! Just one thing though a bit of lettuce and a splash of salsa in the tuna sandwich adds a bit of crunch and spice. The scones can be taken with a bit of cream or the very British clotted cream! Enjoy. So, I think I'll go down and get myself a cup of coffee and one of these scones ;-)


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