Ham & Cheese Croissant

Friday, April 07, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Croissants .... love them in every form and with every filling. When the French "invented" this flaky pastry did they know they would be creating a cult around the world? Probably not!
I have even used croissants as a base for a quiche type dish!!
Morning Snack: Nothing so fancy for the lunch box today though. These croissants we bought this morning were so fresh and flaky that I had some trouble cutting them and filling them. It looks sort of dilapidated in the picture doesn't it? I spread this one for Soeri's lunch box with cream cheese, a slice of turkey breast and some lovely butter cheese with sunflower seeds. I was going to slice the tomatoes and place them on the croissant too but decided it might get too soggy by the time he actually eats this so I just put a few Italian cherry tomatoes on the side instead. The fruit department today contains chunks of chilled juicy melon.

Afternoon Snack: Fresh milk bread from the baker this morning (by the way, on some days the baker comes door to door with his van and delivers his goods fresh, nice eh?). These are filled with chocolate chips. A fruity strawberry lime bar and a little Easter treat goes into the box too. Today's yoghurt is actually my favorite ... natural yoghurt with a bit of grape sugar, raisins and oat flakes. It's the first time that I am giving Soeri this yoghurt so let's see what he thinks.

Adult Variation: Keep the croissant the way it is. Nice change from the usual roll or bread. The flakiness is just too tempting to substitute. How about taking a soup along with this? You can try out the Spinach Coconut soup I made. I think it is just perfect for this April weather. Instead of the milk bread make yourself a large container full of Fruit Salad and you have a perfect lunch box with all the necessary goodness for the day. Have a happy weekend!


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