Brioche and a vegie burger

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Posted by Meeta K

My brain seems to be melting in the high temperatures. You can see the proof of it in the picture. It is not even REAL morning and it is hot!

I will be taking Soeren to the pool after KIGA today to try and cool down a little. We'll be going with his buddies Justin and Jeremy and their mummies and we plan to take a huge picnic. The swimming pool is a public one and located in the woods, so it should offer plenty of cooling shade! Looking forward to that!

Today's is filled to the brim. A vegie chicken burger, with more organic kohlrabi and the herby cream cheese as a dip. Because "it tasted soooooooo goood!". The same is spread on a soft rustical rye bread. A container full of apricots and plums. In the back we have a wonderful spongy butter brioche spread with butter and some banana flavored yoghurt with chocolate covered cornflakes.

Adult Variation:
I like the vegie/chicken burger, however I would suggest adding it to a nice roll. Spread it with some herb flavored cream cheese to and of course a nice dollop of dijon mustard. I think the rest is pretty good. But an espresso to go with the brioche would be a great idea.

Have a great warm sunny day!


hey meeta, i love your blog and menat to comment on a whole lot of stuff but bnever got around to it (with a three year old and another who turns one this month! anyway i was wondering about your lunch box itself and then someone asked and then i saw your link etc etc etc. but now am curious - doesnt the yoghurt and liquid stuff drip? from the pics i see the box is carried vertically - not horizontally as i would have imagined. so how does the liquid stuff stay?
ok i will write more later... but do let me know...

Anonymous said...
July 20, 2006 at 8:49:00 PM GMT+2  

Hi D,
Thanks for your comment. OK the lunchbox is from the great people at Obentec. You just have to check out their website.
The yellow container is the one that has a lid and is seal proof. Although not really for extremely running liquids though. I have also heard the all the containers are microwave safe and some even cook eggs in it. I still have to try that one out ;-)

Meeta said...
July 21, 2006 at 8:44:00 AM GMT+2  

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