Watermelon & Blackberries

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Watermelon and Blacberries - LB 01.08.06

Would you all have anything against me posting these posts a little later than usual? It would be my evenings about 20:00 CET. The reason I ask is that I am pretty bogged down with work right now and have to be short and curt in my posts to you so that I can get on with work. Which I do not like. I would prefer to do these with a little more time. So the change would be that you'd be getting the lunchbox idea at the end of the day instead of the beginning. Like yesterday!

Anyway, the weather has started to cool off here and we all are taking a breath of fresh air now!

The lunchbox today has a yummy raisin and cinnamon bagel from a lovely new bagel shop that opened here. I spread it with butter and honey. A pudding and almond cake and a few huge organic blackberries. I also packed some sweet watermelon chunks too.

Adult Variation: You the saying "Make breakfast to lunch"? Well that is my motto today. I love having a late breakfast and early lunch whenever I can. Then I go in for something that typically looks like this lunchbox. Fruit, berries and a sweet spread on a roll. I hope you'll try it out too! Oh and take an espresso with it. That kick starts any slow day!!


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