Tom's Lunchbox #1

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

As I had a meeting this morning Tom took over making the lunch box today. I am thinking of making this a regular fetaure. Let's see how it goes.
We are planning on going on a short camping trip with SOeren over the weekend - that is if the weather holds out. Within the shortest of time the weather has sunk 15 - 20° degrees. Last week we had temps up to 37°C and now in the mornings it is 12°C and gets up to 23°C during the day .... brrr! Weird!
We've bought a cute little sleeping bag for him and he is all excited about the trip.

So Tom packed slices of herb bread with cream cheese and mortadella. With that a container of tomatoes, which we are getting from our neighbor. Apricots and cashew nuts. A herb babaybell cream cheese and a few mini berry bars. The drink is Actimel.

Adult Variation: How would you do this as an adult version?


Not a bad job at all! Though it looks like Tom is skimping a bit on the portions for little Soeren...;) Just kidding!

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