Peach Tart, Blackberries and a baby Banana

Monday, August 14, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

This weekend I think I outdid myself - in the cooking department. I was just in the mood to cook. I started on Friday and stopped on Sunday evening! No, not continuously but simply for almost every meal. Today, I think I cannot even look at food and will probably fast the coming week :-)

Soeren is magic in these times. His questions and inquisitiveness really make me crack up. For example - I made Paella on Saturday. I needed to get some fresh Mussels and took Soeren along. I told him we need to get mussels. In German the word is "Muscheln" which also means seashells. He looks at me and says "Are we going to the beach?" LOL! Then when we got back home he was truly amazed at these things and could not imagine for the life of him that one can eat shells! So when I served up the paella he was very hesitant ... and then I showed him that you do not actually eat the shells but the meat inside. What impressed me is that he ate everything up - the shrimps, chicken and the mussels. I am not too sure I have seen too many 4 year olds that would be so bold in this way.

We also made a brilliant and easy tart. Which as you probably know is Soeren's favorite hobby. He can bake for hours with me.

Part of the lovely tart is included in today's lunchbox. It looks a little dilapidated because while scooping the slice out of the tin it kind of fell onto the lunchbox. But it still tastes great. It is a simple puff pastry sprinkled with ground almonds and set with a few fresh peaches, apricot jam and roasted almond slivers. EASY!
The rye bread is spread with a bit of butter and some swiss cheese. A vegie burger and few cherry tomatoes go along with it. Doesn't that mini banana look cute. We saw it in the supermarket and although they seemed a little ripe, we could not resist. What a perfect fit! At the moment our farmer's market has a lovely selection of blackberries. They are huge and sweet. We are eating them with natural yoghurt and Soeren added a handful for today.

Adult Variation:

Use a ciabatta tape roll and place the burger in the roll, add the cheese a few roasted onions, mushrooms and bell peppers. A good spoonful of mustard. Voila! A big gorgeous burger sandwich. The rest is really great the way it is. Just do a better job of placing the tart in the container than I did!
Have a nice day!


be glad that the baby banana was already a bit ripe. i bought them once and i just couldn't wait (i like bananas almost black), so i ate one that had just turned from greenish to yellow, and it was awful. the taste was just terrible (worse than a regular sized green banana) and it left this weird film in my mouth.

the lunch looks great! hope you guys are well.


Anonymous said...
August 15, 2006 at 4:22:00 AM GMT+2  

Yum! I have some pie crust leftover from the weekend (I was in a cooking mood too!) and I think I may have to get some peaches for it now...

Suelily said...
August 15, 2006 at 1:32:00 PM GMT+2  

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