Raspberry Pockets & Pineapple

Monday, August 07, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

OK! Sometimes, I just do not know why I take such rotten pictures ... does it lie due to the fact that it is far too early in the morning and my eyes are still half closed when I take these pictures. I normally take the pictures and then in the evening check them and upload them for the post. I sometimes shudder when I look at them ... like todays ... Buuuhhh! The lighting in the morning is also not especially too great. I hope you still manage to make out what it is I have packed for Soeren today.

A double portion of fresh juicy pineapple, a wonderful raspberry preserve pastry and a great bun (or rather half of it) with flax seeds and oats, spread with some Leberwurst. Something that Soeren cannot get enough of at the moment. And some crunchy carrots.

Adult Variation: Well I think the raspberry pastry and pineapple is a must. For you lot the whole roll and that with thin slices of parma ham and a tiny bit of butter. How do you like that idea?
Enjoy the lunch!


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