Vegie Burger Sandwich and Melon

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

It was a pretty interesting afternoon today. You know what I spent the afternoon doing? Drawing! With wax crayons. Actually I had given Soeren the job to draw a couple of pictures on a few small paper bags. We want to use these to put little sweets and pressies for his KIGA group on Friday. Well my son had enough patience for two. After that the neighbors kids came out to play and he wanted to join them. So, I collected the paper bags and the crayons and went out on the terrace and started drawing funny little pictures on them. It was so relaxing and fun.
I'd give anything to be able to spend a few days in the month at the KIGA and just doing this sort of thing the whole day!

Well if not drawing and painting then at least trying to pack colorful lunchbox for Soeren. Todays, is packed with a lovely sandwich filled with a chicken and vegie burger. I used minced chicken and corn, zucchini, carrots and red bell peppers. Along with that two sweet yellow tomatoes. We cut up some melon last night and boy was that juicy and succulent. Soeren straight away put some on the side for today! That is a nougat croissant topped off with roasted nuts. I had one for a late breakfast today and .... yummmy!

Adult Variation: I really do like this the way it is. I would make the burger a little bigger and use a nice nutty bread roll. Add a few slices of cheese and a couple of lettuce leaves, a dash of barbecue sauce and sit back and take a huge bite. Take it easy folks.


Yum! Melons!

What I wanted to say: I like yesterday's advise regarding the sweets and chocs. Seems like a good and interesting attitude. It makes me think about how I'm going to manage this topic when my little one gets older (Yet he's only 1 year and two days and doesn't go to the KiGa or something. :).

Now I've got one question left: How did you convince him to eat veggies? Or did he start eating them himself?
My little prince hates them - except for cucumber slices. OK, and he loves sweet fruit...
However, I don't (And don't want to, either!) force him to eat veggies, I could never ever do that. I don't worry too much about the nutritional value, too - but I'd like him to get to know more different tastes and textures, that's somehow what I'm worried about....
Or do I think "too much"? Well, probably I should tell myself the "Mother's Mantra" more often: "It's a phase... it's just a phase....yes, it *is* only a little phase...!" ;)

Anonymous said...
August 24, 2006 at 12:33:00 AM GMT+2  

can you give me the exact recipe of the chicken sandwich and get you give me some variations which i can make in india as all the sauces and the ingredients are not available in india.

Mahek said...
August 25, 2006 at 9:08:00 AM GMT+2  

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