Blueberries, Grapes and Nutella

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Another on of those early morning photos. I think I should name these "the bad photo days"!

Remember how I said I spent yesterday afternoon drawing with Soeri's crayons. Well I took some pictures and they cam out really well. I thought on the weekend I'd put up another post and share what went in those goodie bags as well as one or two photos of the birthday boy. Tomorrow is the big day! The big 4! That's why there'll be no lunchbox. I'll be taking a type of healthy breakfast for his group - nothing too elaborate, just fruit salad, some homemade muesli, a few of those chocolate buns and of course a rich dark chocolate cake!

But that's tomorrow ... let's get today's out of the way. We were all in a hurry as there was plenty to do. Soeren helped spreading leberwurst on some rye bread and picked out some blueberries and grapes from our fruit box. He also spread the nutella on the wafer "Fillinis". I just cut up the peppers. So, I can say that he actually prepared his own lunchbox today.

Adult Version: I asked him if mummy was to eat the lunchbox what would you change. He said "I would add yoghurt to the blueberries and a few gherkins!" So, there you go. That was it. Check back in tomorrow and I just might have a little surprise.

Otherwise, happy weekend!




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