Cranberries, Chocolate bun and Pineapple

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Phew! It was an adrenalin filled day today. Work, errands, gym, work and now blogging!

Now just before I hit the sack thought I'd quickly share the lunchbox.

I cheated .. on my baker! A new bakery opened in a shopping mall and they had this lovely looking chocolate chip bun. Soeren got only half because it was so huge (I ate the other half!). Me and Soeren were not able to resist. My only thought is Soeren is the type who spills the beans ... not purposely but you know is a talkative person. I can imagine the look on my bakers face when Soeren says something like "mum bought me this great tasting chocolate bun from another bakery ... why don't you have chocolate buns here?" AAARGHH! Anyway I simply spread it with butter and nothing else. Then that rich dark chocolate cake was also from this new bakery (I know I am bad!). That little pear is a gift from a farmer that lives not far from us. They don't look very impressive but boy are they sweet and juicy. He left enough for the entire Partridge family. It'll be pears for the next few days. A few dried cranberries and the last of the pineapple finish it off for today.

Adult Variation: If this would have been my lunch box I would not have changed a thing. That is why I am having a difficult time modifying it for you. Oh yeah I know! How about the whole chocolate bun?
Have a great lunch!


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