Mangoes, Fruit Quark and a Veggie Sandwich

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Still trying to finish off the leftovers ... I have so much stored in my pantry and freezer I think if a bomb hit us and our place was the bunker we'd be able to feed the neighborhood for at least a week! Amazing what one buys in the cooking euphoria. I found stuff in the dark dungeons of my pantry that I thought "huh? now why did I buy THAT?" Even my freezer looks more like a extremely well stocked freezer of a fine restaurant ... at least Tom won't hunger to death when we are away ;-))

Morning Snack:
Those Veggie Sticks were a huge hit! I thought they would be because they taste great. I used two a a sandwich filler on this finnish bread. I added a tiny helping of hummus and just mashed the sticks with a fork. The finnish bread was spread with a helping of cream cheese and then this filling. Ripe, succulent, sweet and plain old heavenly tasting mango as the fruit of the day! A little almond and berry organic bar to nibble on today.

Afternoon Snack:
Honey cake sandwich with butter in between and some fantastic mixed fruit with quark and a pinch of grape sugar.
A kinder Country bar as a treat!

Adult Variation:
The whole time I was preparing these boxes I kept thinking "This is so yummy I have to make the same for my lunch today." That's why I think it will also be great to keep it the way it is. Just a little more hummus. Soeren's taste buds are still developing to this type of food.
Hope you enjoy it!


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