Oranges, Fritatta & Chocolate Croissant

Friday, May 05, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Mahek requested that I go back to the photo format I was taking earlier. I am glad to get feedback like this. It is quite important to me to know what you think is good and what needs improvement!

Suelilly was kind enough to give me tips on what to take to the US - from yesterday's post and Sini sent me a long mail telling me how I can keep Soeri occupied during the 10 hour flight to the US. Ladies I thank you for all that. Sini, we will chat soon ;-)!

This is just so fantastic. Just keep the feedback, mails and comments coming.

Morning Snack: Frittata (or omelet) with herb, cheese and peas. I used a heart shaped form to cook the eggs in. Can you make it out? I used some rye Finnish bread and spread that with butter. These orange wedges are so succulent and sweet I ate two yesterday evening. I have to get a few more for the weekend.

Afternoon Snack: A chocolate croissant from our organic bakery and a few salted pretzels and crackers to munch on. As a thirst quencher - Strawberry flavored Actimel!

Adult Variation:
Love the fritatta. Just fill it with what you like best. If not peas anything else goes. Oranges are so refreshing when the temperatures start rising. I like them pure but a in a mixed fruit cocktail with some strawberries and mangos would make not only a great drink but a scrummy dessert!
You know I am going to keep the croissant ;-) and you also know I love munchies while working so nothing changes here either. Enjoy!!


I agree with Mahek on the photo format and am glad u went back :)

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