Rice Pudding and a donut

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Well, as the days get closer to our vacation it seems everyone is getting excited in my family. The mails are pouring in from all over with things to remember and to do. I myself have lists in almost every room of the house. I jot down anything that I remember on one of the lists. Tomorrow I'll be putting everything down on one list! My washing machine is doing overtime at the moment too .... washing stuff that we want to take with us. Although, and I keep saying this, I do not want to take too much as I want to buy plenty of cool clothes and stuff from the US. Especially for Soeren who needs a complete new wardrobe every season.

Morning Snack: Today it's a mixture from the world. We have Italian with a mozzarella, tomato and basel sandwich on sunflower toasties. Rice pudding with cinnamon - is that English, Indian or German? A few carrot sticks and a small treat for being so good and tough at the docs yesterday - a packet of jelly babies.

Afternoon Snack: To cover the American cuisine we have the donut filled with strawberry jam. Sugar high! To balance that nice juicy and sweet melon chunks!

Adult Variation: I am beginning to wonder if this section is being read by any of you. I added this part because a few wrote to me a while back and said that they take lunch boxes to work and would love suggestions. However, I have had no feedback ever since! Is this section useful for the adults? Or should I remove it?
I do take time to to think of ideas based on the days lunch box and hope that it is taken well.
Today's variation would be a large ciabatta roll, stuffed with mozzarella, lots of juicy tomatoes and chopped basel! I mentioned this in one of my previous posts, if you do not like rice pudding substitute it for something else. You can take a nice fruit custard for example.
Sugar high Tuesday for you? Then go for the donut. If not a nice plain yoghurt and a few granola bits would be perfect ... of course the melon stays. In such nice warm weather a refreshing melon is always a welcoming treat!


Hi again Meeta - the adult variations are read and enjoyed by at least one! I tend to be a lurker, sorry not to have given positive feedback earlier... My work lunches have taken on a pleasantly European angle since I started following this blog. :-) Much more fun than pb&j!

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