Smorbrod & Buttermilk Ricotta Pancakes

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Another week, this one a short one thanks to the bank holiday weekend we just had. Hope you all had a great long weekend too.

The lunchbox is filled with plenty of yummies, so let's get to it.

Morning Snack: While we were holidaying in Denmark, back in 2004 we discovered that the Danish cuisine was not only quite delicious but also very simple. A very popular type of meal was the Smorbrod, which is basically an hope faced sandwich served with all types of fillings. Here the imagination had no limits, of course the most popular filling being those with fish.

I was rather delighted when I found the bread base that makes a Smorbrod here in our supermarket. Today's tiffin is a tribute to our holiday. I filled the Smorbrod with butter, a slice of Mediterranean cheese - with herbs and pine nuts and some honey glazed turkey breast.
A nice juicy green kiwi and a few dried cranberries covers the fruit options today.

Afternoon Snack: These delicious Buttermilk and Ricotta Pancakes I made last week and froze were just perfect with a container full of fresh strawberries. Maple Syrup was not desired by Soeren so that is why there is none.

Adult Variation: I know that Smorbrod is not available in every country. However, you can be creative and use what you do get. Instead of the Smorbrod use a slice of toast with the rims cut off. A bit of lettuce and finely cut honey glazed turkey breast and of course a little helping of tangy mustard. Or if you do like fish, you can always substitute smoked salmon and a nice honey mustard sauce instead. Otherwise, I think the rest of the snack box is ideal. I do hope you will try the Buttermilk and Ricotta Pancakes and let me know how they tasted.


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