Spelt bread and Veggie Sticks

Monday, May 08, 2006

Posted by Meeta K

Wow! Our last week before we take off to the US. Really looking forward to this trip as I have not seen some of my family for a few years.

What about the Daily Tiffin, you ask? Well I do have one or the other idea of what I can post. It might not be daily, but things that can be related to the Daily Tiffin.

Of course I am also open to your ideas. Is there anything you might like to see me report about on my travel to the States? Let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Oh yeah ... and a happy birthday to Sonu! Wow bro you're getting old!!

Morning Snack: See that luscious spelt bread jam packed with sunflower seeds. Well it is a new bread that our baker tried out. I can tell you it is really delicious. Soft and moist. Most of the spelt breads I have tried were rather dry but this one is certainly a keeper. I spread it with some butter and laid a slice of cream cheese. With it I gave him a veggie stick. It is an organic sort I bought at our store and crammed with broccoli, corn, carrots, potatoes and cheese. A few cucumber slices and apple wedges for the crunch!

Afternoon Snack: A soft french chinois with chocolate chips and a chocolate chip vanilla yoghurt. How chippy?

Adult Variation: I would suggest to use some of the veggie sticks in the sandwich. Now, if you can find a nice bread like the one I used then go ahead and cut up 2 thick slices. Spread with some cream cheese and lay a few veggie sticks and a couple of lettuce leaves in between. You can also use a pitta bread, as I can imagine these sticks would taste great with the pitta bread and a nice helping of tahini. If you are going for this arabian type taste then try out a fatoush. A simple salad made from tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and roasted bread crusts. A delicious meal.
Either a chinois or a nutty danish pastry for your afternoon nibble, with a nice iced coffee will probably make your day. Hope you have a nice one!


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