Egg the Hot Dog!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

A quick round up today as I need am off to a team meeting! Hope you don't mind if I skip the ranting today ... some of you are glad I am sure ;-).

Morning Snack: I egged the hot dog today! Huh? We've all heard of the chili dog and the kraut dog right? But today I decided to make a Egg Dog! I had made a bit of my egg salad last night and decided to use this for Soeri. He fancied a hot dog so both of us came up with the "egg dog" ... cool eh? In a nice rye roll, with flax seeds we spread the egg salad and added the hot dog. With this a few crunchy cucumber batons and some juicy melon.

Afternoon Snack: Now there is something about rice pudding that I can never make my mind up about. There are times when I like it and others I can't stand it ... Soeri is somehow no different. But when he wanted me to buy some yesterday I thought we'll try it with one container first. We got some cinnamon flavored rice pudding and I put half of the container for the lunch box. Still have a few luscious strawberries and they went into the container pure! A little muesli milk bar as a treat made him beam from ear to ear.

Adult Variation: Try out the Egg Dog idea it really tastes great. I would advice to add a touch of mustard to it to make it tangy and tasty. A fresh cucumber salad would be an ideal companion to this. Just salt slices of cucumber and soak out all fluids. Add a bit of sour cream and natural yoghurt, salt and pepper and a few herbs. If you like you can also add a touch of garlic to it. Melon is a delicious way to end the lunch. For the afternoon if you like rice pudding then go for it, but I know not everyone craves it. How about a berry trifle? The lovely Ashwini has a great recipe for one.


as you know i read your blog everyday.i want to tell you something the earlier angle at which you took photos of the tiffin were better than the new one so pls shift to your previous angle

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