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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

It seems that one or two of you appreciate the Adult Variation section. I was seriously thinking of discontinuing that section. But at least for Suelily I won't!!

Morning Snack: I have been cooking like a world champion lately and have a few leftovers of this and that. So as we are leaving for the US on Saturday I do not want to go out and shop on a large scale. On the weekend I made Chiles Rellenos and had a few tortillas left over. Today I decided to use one and make a nice wrap for Soeren with stuff I had in the fridge. I spread some cream cheese on the tortilla and put a few slices of grilled turkey breast, a slice of cheese and a few rucola leaves. A squirt of ketchup keeps the whole thing together. I had a little nibble and it really did taste fantastic. In the fruit department are wedges of the last of the juicy organic oranges. A few dried cranberries and some cashew nuts as treats.

Afternoon Snack: A chocolate bun put a smile on his face and organic grapes with vanilla custard a huge grin. He added his Actimel (fruit yoghurt drink) and said it would taste good with the bun. Isn't it just great when kids become so independent?

Adult Variation: The wraps are a great lunch box filler. You can fill them any way you like and of course with some spicy salsa. Try this for a filler: Chop up some grilled chicken or turkey breast into a bowl. Mix with cream cheese and sprinkle a little hint of curry powder. Chop up a few pineapple chunks and fill the wrap. Add some crunchy lettuce leaves and you have a asian style wrap filling! As for the custard I have something neat for you try. Put a few sponge finger biscuits in a container, pour a tiny bit of orange juice to soak the biscuits a bit and add some fruit over the top. You can just use grapes if you like. Now pour the custard over this and cool for a few hours - overnight is the best. Neat dessert to take with you eh? Make sure you keep this away from your colleagues!


Thanks, Meeta! But, if it's annoying or you don't love doing it, don't do it just for me - I'd much rather you keep doing the regular part and like it than get tired of the whole thing because you always have to do the adult variation for some girl in Maine! ;-) Even the versions Soeren eats are amazing.


Suelily said...
May 10, 2006 at 11:38:00 PM GMT+2  

Hey Suelily,
It is not annoying in anyway. I enjoy doing the adult variation as even though I work from home, when I am prpeparing the lunch boxes I start thinking about the adult variation, then when I do the write up most of the times it sounds great and I decide to make that for my lunch/snack too. So, it helps me too there! ;-)

Besides, I don't mind doing it for that girl in Maine ;-)!

Meeta K. Wolff said...
May 11, 2006 at 7:51:00 AM GMT+2  

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