Wraps, Grapes and Jam Buns

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Are we having a storm outside today! WOW! But we were lucky to have a bit of a nice break in between and Soeren and I went for a nice walk this afternoon. We were so lucky to catch not one but two rainbows. Spectacular and I was so happy that I had my camera along. You guys get the first sneak peak at the shot.

The lunchbox was just as colorful as the rainbows above. Wraps! Tortilla filled with bacon, onion, veggies and eggs, spread with sour cream and a bit of ketchup. Sour cream on the side. Double portion of grapes as we have not had grapes for a couple of weeks now. Then at the back a jam filled bun called "Berliner". We call them Donuts! LOL!

Adult Variation:
Perfect. Just take the whole wrap instead of half and use a spicy salsa or chili sauce instead of the ketchup.


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