Brilliant Brownies

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

We baked these lovely brownies yesterday. It was a bit chaotic with Soeren though. I kind of crossed myself three times that the kitchen did not look much worse than it did. Normally we have a great time when we bake together. Yesterday, his hands were all over the place and he wanted to do everything at once. Boy was I glad it was over.

Today my best friend came and picked him up and took Soeren and her own daughter Cosima to the park for a few hours. We had temperatures that were 25 degress celsius!!!! I had a few hours and took a long hot shower and cleaned up the place. I'll be glad when my current project is completed. Phew!!

So it was brownies (recipe is a special post in the first week of November on WFLH) double portion for the box today. Then he wanted something simple and easy - leberwurst on rye bread was his pick. A couple slicesof cucumbers and a tomato. Crunchy apples and juicy kiwis for the fruity picks today. Treats were some lovely raisins.

Adult Variation:
Got a little surprise for you. What do you think? Should we do lunch?


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