Three Foodie Gifts Your Kids Will Love

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Posted by Kristen - Dine & Dish

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I was in a local department store on November 1st, stunned to hear holiday music being blared over the speakers. This is the year I have promised my self that I will get all of my gift buying done early. As much as I don't want to think about the holidays being right around the corner, putting off shopping much longer will turn me into a last minute shopper once again. I refuse to let that happen.

To start my search for the perfect gifts, I decided that one thing I wanted to get my kids was gifts for the kitchen. They love to help me cook so it is time to get them some things that will make their time in the kitchen more enjoyable. While browsing the internet, I found three things that are on my list of potential gifts.

  1. A Child Size Apron - As I mentioned before, my kids always love to help in the kitchen, but allowing them to help means that I have to let go of the notion that they and the kitchen will be tidy when we are done. I think that one thing that will at least keep them looking clean after an afternoon of kitchen time would be an apron that is just their size. One of my favorite shopping websites,, has a variety of aprons that will fit just about any personality! From a fancy and colorful filly apron, a personalized apron with their name on it to an apron with Dinosaurs, Etsy has an apron just right for the little chef in your life!
  2. Have you seen these Little Cook Tool Kits from Sassafras? I can't wait for my 5 year old to open this gift! She has a lot of play kitchen tools, but the tools from the Little Cook Tool Kit are actual real tools that can be used while cooking with Mom and Dad in the kitchen. High quality and durable, your budding chef will love these tools especially made for kid size hands.
  3. My oldest child is finally at the age where he can read, and I recently discovered that means recipes too! I think it is time he gets a cookbook of his own and he can help actually plan and make our meals. There is a large selection of kids cookbooks out there and you will have to decide the cookbook that would be best for your childs ability and taste. I personally have my eye on The Southern Living Kids Cookbook and The Mom and Me Cookbook.
Whatever you decide to do as gifts for your children this year, make sure to remember to include something to help them hone their skills in the kitchen. The lessons they will learn from spending time with you while cooking will last with them a lifetime.

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Great ideas to get kids into the kitchen Kristen. I remember tailoring tiny aprons for my daughter when she was little. Now she's taller than me & slips into mine...LOL!

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