Potato Roll, Choc bun and a Pudding

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Posted by Meeta K

It's great to have Soeren back at KIGA. Just knowing that he is more or less fit to attend the KIGA makes me happy. What's more, having a kid at home the whole day is exhausting - LOL!

Anyway, we still had a nice day together and it is always very touching when at the end of the day the little arms are wrapped around my neck and I am told "Mum you are the best, you are my best friend and I love!" SIGH!

I guess that is why I went a little wild with the lunch box today. A wonderful bread made out of potato flour, spread with cream cheese, succulent chicken breast with herbs and a sneaky little lettuce that just decided to sneak into the roll ;-). Some lovely yellow cocktail tomatoes accompany this well. Another chocolate bun - (you caught me again I was cheating on my baker and visiting the other one again) - spread with butter. A beautiful peach and a delicious quark vanilla pudding with blueberry puree. Yummy!

Adult version:
Nope no changes today. Just a sweet chili sauce on the sandwich will make it more tasty for us.

Have a brilliant day!

PS. No lunchbox tomorrow as I am taking Soeren over to his grandparents in the morning. See y'all Monday!


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