Banana Nutella Waffles

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

Yes, this pic was taken with the new camera. Yes, I know it's not too hot. I still have to practice. However, the photos I took yesterday with the DSLR turned out really good.

It was probably just far too early this morning and I was in a bit of a hurry. But at least the lunch boxes are filled with the good stuff again.

Morning Snack: I had made a salad with lambs lettuce and asparagus yesterday (Recipe on What's For Lunch Honey? later) and wanted to use some for Soeri's sandwich. So it was plain rye toast spread with butter and a slice of Bonbel cheese with sunflower seeds and a few of the lamb's lettuce. Carrot sticks and the most delicious and creamy blueberry yoghurt,

Afternoon Snack: This snack box caused a bit of a fuss this morning. I spread some Nutella on two waffles and decided to add a few slices of the banana. It was ripe and I wanted to use it up before it turned black. Well after I took the picture, Soeri noticed that I had put in the banana slices and he said he did not want any on the waffles. I did not want to pick them out and told him he should try it at the KIGA if he did not like it he could pick them out himself.
Sheesh! Whatever makes 3 year olds tick, or in this case, tick out, I would really like to know. I can't stand these hissy fits and tend to stick to my guns. He went to the KIGA with banana on his waffles and the first thing he told his teacher was that he wanted the bananas off the nutella waffles this afternoon.
Besides that he got a container filled with pineapple. This caused no fits.

Adult Variation: This is pretty good the way it is today. Just take the whole sandwich instead of half and you can fill it a little more then I do for Soeren.
I am sure you folks will have no fits when I suggest banana nutella waffles ... or will you?


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