Pakora Wraps, Plums and Oranges

Monday, September 18, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

What did I tell you folks, in this post? The next thing I will be getting are plums. Well guess what? My in-laws sent a huge bag filled with plums and .... more apples - a whole box full. Hmmmn. We'll be going to a farmer who presses apples into juice for us, later this week. There is no way we can finish all these apples in the next week. I have also given a few to other friends but there is such a large amount that the only thing I can think of is making apple juice out of them.

How was your weekend? For me it was fantastic and relaxing. I was out with a few friends on Friday to my fave Turkish restaurant. It's great and on Friday evenings they always have a belly dancer come in and entertain the guests. It was brilliant. On Sunday when Soeren got home we decided to order out from our favorite Indian restaurant.

As I was thinking of what to put together for his lunchbox I thought "Hey, I could use some of the leftovers!" So I warmed the naan bread gently and then spread it with cream cheese and a bit of ketchup. Then I used the vegetable "pakoras" (Indian type fritters) as a filler and made my unique "pakora" naan wraps! Soeren was delighted with these. Two juicy plums, a few dried Cranberries and sweet orange wedges make up the fruit for today. Treat for today - Stroop Waffles. Yummy!

Adult Version: The naan wraps are really a great idea. I would suggest to use a mint chutney instead of the ketchup. It goes well with the Indian taste of todays lunch.
Treat your self to a large fruity lassi (a yoghurt milkshake) too. Have a great week!


Hi Meeta! Try making apple sauce with the apples. It freezes well and you can use it to make apple sauce cake later as well as eat it straight! I'm also making apple crumble pies with my bounty of apples.

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