Pesto Spirals

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Posted by Meeta K. Wolff

It's getting warmer here again. After a few weeks of cold and rain finally it seems to be getting brighter.

I am watching Soeren go through a few funny changes right now. Not sure if it has to do with the move to the older group. The last two nights he woke up around 4-5 am crying. He wanted to come to us in our bed and his explanation for that was because the Birthday fairy said that he was not a good boy. I am not sure how to link that with anything. It seems to really disturb him and right now we just allow him to come into our bed. Over the weekend we'll try and see what it is that is bothering him. If you all have any ideas or thoughts on this it would be great to hear them.

I made these wonderful pesto spirals yesterday, using pesto rosso and pesto alla genovese. I'll be getting the complete recipe on WFLH out soon. A few crunchy organic carrots and some herb flavored cream cheese to dip. Fruits of the day are blackberries and a golden kiwi. Sweet and juicy. Another one of those quark puddings, this time with strawberry mousse on top.

Adult Variation:
The spirals are a great little snack. If you prefer you can make 2 big ones. With this I would recommend a light carrot salad and a nice dressing. The quark pudding can be substituted with a natural yoghurt and add the blackberries to this.

More ideas for those back to school lunchboxes:

Cranberry Mandarin Loaf - light fluffy and full of taste. Think I should make this again too! LOL!
Strawberry Kisses - send a few of these in your kids lunchbox. They'll come home and give you a few kisses in return!
Power Potato Cakes - can't beat these. Either in a bun or just plain they taste great.
Alu Pitta Parantha - fuse two cuisines together. This stuffed pitta with a lovely potato mixture will put smiles on every kids face.

More to come tomorrow!


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