Oh Bananas!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Posted by Amanda at Little Foodies

If you have any overly ripe bananas lurking around, then make these.

Pure and simple, a natural smoothie made with overly ripe bananas, ice and milk blitzed in a blender (the bananas were totally black). The four glasses you see above were made with 3 medium size bananas, 10 cubes of ice and just over 2 glasses of milk. If you haven't used enough milk to fill each glass, add more milk to each glass and stir.
Note: A stick/immersion blender also works if you have the ingredients in a jug or bowl deep enough to catch all the splatters!

Aidan Brooks suggested making these as an alternative use for ripe bananas. This was after I'd posted a very sweet banana and toffee (dulce de leche) quick bread on my personal blog. I always think of cake when I see ripe bananas but these were a much healthier alternative and seriously delicious.

You could add other fruits, yogurt or any number of other things. But if Aidan suggests something my children sit up and listen so banana smoothies it was.

Aidan Brooks is the real deal, a passionate young British trainee chef, currently working in a Michelin starred restaurant in Barcelona. He also writes on the Guardain blog Word of Mouth sometimes and he's definitely one to watch for the future! (You heard it here first, though those who have been following Aidan for a while know this already).

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This Post was written by Amanda from Little Foodies


What a great idea for over ripened bananas. I make smoothies with bananas, fresh berries, yogurt and honey, but I've never thought to use otherwise only good for banana bread bananas. Great tip!

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