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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Posted by Abby

Well, we’re less than one month into the New Year and despite a long and lazy Christmas break I’m already starting to feel the first shadows of tiredness. Which is just not acceptable – it’s a new year and I have big plans! I need to be fighting fit and full of energy!

if, like me, you’re already losing your lustre, commit to making some of the changes suggested below and reap the rewards…

Create a wind-down-into-relaxation routine
Separating work and home life is important, especially if you tend to blur the boundaries. Start by managing your working day. My promise to myself is never to extend the day at both ends - going in early and leaving late is a quick way to wear yourself out. i also ensure that I only bring home as many papers as I can deal with during my commute and dealing with work phone calls or emails from home is a big no-no.

Once you get home, create a routine that leads you into your evening. For me that involves heading into the kitchen to make a delicious supper, with favourite music playing, and an idea of what time i need to be in bed.

If you suffer from insomnia, an extended routine that takes you into your bedtime can be important. Decide how you want to signal it’s time for sleep. Perhaps have a bath using relaxing essential oils such as lavender. Or spend some extra time winding down – perhaps read for short while, listen to some peaceful music or meditate, imagining your body relaxing and becoming sleepy just before you turn off the light.

Finally, it always amazes me how much clutter and junk people allow to build up in their bedrooms. For me, my bedroom is a sanctuary. i want it to be clean, tidy, and relaxing with a luxurious feel. Take the time to make your bedroom into a relaxing and special place.

Watch what you eat and drink
Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, avoid stimulants. Caffeine is number one enemy for a lot of us – it can take 10 hours for your body to excrete any caffeine you consume, so consider cutting down on chocolate, tea, coffee and other caffeinated food and drink. I avoid it as much as possible in the evening. Other stimulants such as alcohol and drugs will also affect your ability to sleep, even if they help knock you out for a few hours when you first fall asleep, and controlling your intake will have a big impact.

When thinking about what to eat, avoid rich protein-filled foods which your body will have to work hard to digest. Instead, choose carbohydrate-rich foods. Focussing on foods rich in vitamin B6, magnesium and tryptophan will help balance your mood and encourage feeling so drowsiness.

Good sources of these foods include milk, green vegetables, whole foods, nuts and seeds, eggs, turkey and chicken. Add starchy carbohydrates such as noodles, rice, bread and pasta.

Herbal teas, such as camomile and verbena will help you relax if something, such as a soothing mug of hot milk, is not what you fancy. If you suffer from indigestion, try peppermint tea.

Healthy body, sleepy body
Sorting out your stress levels has a huge impact on your ability to relax and sleep well. Getting your home:work balance sorted out is a good first step. The obvious next step is exercise as regular exercise helps to reduce stress-hormone levels.

Exercise is not something I’m any sort of expert on so I suggest you start tuning into tartelette’s fabulously motivational and informative posts and decide what steps you’re going to take to a fitter, healthier and more energetic you…

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Good post. I want to turn my room into a sanctuary.

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