Tiffin tuesday - quick bento

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Posted by jokergirl@wererabbits


This bento was very quick to make with a microwaved quiche muffin cup from the freezer and couscous made with water from the tea boiler.
The upper layer is couscous salad with parsley and lemon. The lower layer is a quiche cup on lettuce, a cherry tomato, pickled onions, some homegrown alfalfa sprouts (I put some homegrown cress on the quiche as well), a candy and a fishy with balsam vinegar.

Even though it's winter, this is the perfect time to grow your own cress and various types of sprouts in your own home! Just grab some mung beans, linseed or pea kernels, or cress seeds and start sprouting.
You don't even need any special equipment for it - my cress grows on some wet kitchen paper inside a tray I had previously used as a paint palette on my windowsill, and my sprouts need nothing more than an empty marmelade jar, some water and a dark warm place to sprout in.
A perfect project to do together with kids! I still remember fondly my own first cress plantation.

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