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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Posted by Mansi

One of the most important part of our body is the Skin, and though people do tend to try and take care of their skin for beatific reasons, it is necessary to know that it is your first layer of protection against harsh forces of nature, after your clothes, of course, and hence, should not be neglected. Getting a silky smooth and flawless skin is indeed a nature's gift, and the dream of many, but with a few basic ingredients, and a little bit of time and extra care, you can make the most of what you have and be proud to have a healthy glowing skin.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Wash your hands and face (the most exposed parts of skin) with gentle cleansing soap and lukewarm water, at least twice, daily. Do not use harshly medicated products before consulting a skin specialist!

2. Eat Right - which means try to eat foods rich in Vitamins A & E, like dark green vegetables, nuts, or yellow or orange-colored foods. Also opt for healthy omega-3 rich foods like whole grains or flax seeds which promote good skin health.

3. Drink plenty of fluids. The suggested intake of 6-8 glasses of water, or non-aerated liquids per day is not a myth; keeping your skin hydrated is the best way to keep it looking plump, soft, and actually healthy.

4. Exercise Regularly - This is one of the most important in maintaining the natural elasticity and texture of the skin. Moderate aerobic activity of about 30 minutes a day, at least thrice a week will keep your skin supple and soft.

5. Turn to natural rejuvenators like fruits, avocado, aloe vera, oatmeal, almond-pastes, sandalwood, olive oil and similar others for pampering your skin with a facial or light massage, at least once or twice a month. Avoid harsh cosmetics, and don't ever use old or expired products as they can do permanent damage. Also, soaking yourself into a nice hot tub with some body oils will not only relax your senses, but will rekindle your skin too.

6. Always keep a Moisturizer and a Sunscreen (with minimum SPF 15) handy in your purse. Never let your skin get dry, and always wear sunscreen, even if its not summer! The UV rays that you can't feel is because your skin feels them for you, and believe me, they are not good for you, nor your skin, so wear your protection.

7. Don't Compromise on your Sleep - this holds true in any case, perhaps more for your mental balance than for a healthy skin, but nevertheless, its important to get at least 6-8 hours of peaceful sleep and you wouldn't have to worry about the dark circles and under-eye wrinkles.

8. Avoid Smoking, Drinking and Tanning as much as you can. The first two are actually good for your health too, and as much as getting a toned and tanned body sounds attractive, frequent tanning or that which is not done the right way can cause permanent damage to your skin.

9. Be extremely careful to remove any makeup from your face before going to bed. Use a mild cleanser or face-wash, then pat dry your face and apply a thin layer of moisturizer if you have dry skin. I follow this routine every night, even without makeup, and I can tell you it goes a long way in preventing acne and breakouts.

10. Lastly, try to avoid greasy, spicy or sugary foods, as believe it or not, they have a direct impact on your skin. Most dermatologists recommend getting off high-sugar, high-spice food as soon as you go to them with an acne problem. These foods can result in loss of natural elasticity of your skin, making it more prone to pimples and wrinkles.

These are just a few things that I try to stick to, to keep my skin naturally healthy. There would be a 100 other tips out there for you to explore, but these simple ones work best for me, and might do so for you too. So take care of your skin as much as you care for your body - it will make you feel good from outside and within!

This post was written by Mansi

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wonderful tips...will surely try to follow

Poonam said...
February 19, 2009 at 6:31:00 AM GMT+1  

Thanks Poonam! These have surely helped me, so I'm sure they'll help you too:) and they really are simple:)

Mansi said...
February 19, 2009 at 6:38:00 PM GMT+1  

Hi, what a great site you have!
I read about discipline for children on your blog and found it a little sad to read about your childhood experience. Having been a school governor, I have heard about some harsh punishments that the parents seem to think are justified in their own little world.

As a mum, I have found that communicating effectively has the biggest impact on a child and as a parent makes you feel proud that you did not need to stoop to the level of requiring to use any physical punishment. My son is in one of UK's best achieving schools and has always been open with his feelings and questions things he does not understand. I always re-assure him that I am here for him when he needs to talk and he can talk to me or my partner about anything. This has worked really well, he has talked to me when he was being hurt in one of his previous schools (by the teacher) and he was the only child (4 yrs old) who spoke up. By using effective communication, he has managed to put that in the past and move on to achieve great success.

Please parents, talk, listen and understand their point of view. Physical discipline causes stress and has a negative long term impact from what I have seen and experienced in my own childhood.

Love your children and be loved by them!

Anonymous said...
March 23, 2009 at 11:15:00 PM GMT+1  

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